360° VIEW
Highway Grey
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Expandable Feature Tailgate
The Expandable Feature Tailgate blends sleek design with practicality, offering increased cargo space and effortless access to storage.
Magic Electric Door
Secure, and an advanced system that eliminates the need for conventional ‘locking’ systems.
Kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI
Powering this 4x4 SUV is the fierce 2.0L TGDI Kunpeng engine, delivering an impressive 390 torque and seamless power across any terrain.
540° Panoramic Parking System
This cutting-edge technology provides a 360 degree panoramic view. With advanced sensors and real-time imaging, ensuring safety and effortless parking.
LED Head Lights
Stylish and functional LED Head Lights ensure maximum visibility and safety.
Spare Wheel Cover
Aesthetically enhanced for added protection and equipped with rear camera for safety and seamless maneuvering.
15.6 Inch High-resolution Color Touch Screen
Control your navigation and entertainment seamlessly with the T2's 15.6-inch high-resolution color touch screen.
12 Channel Sony Audio
Create the perfect soundtrack to your on and off-road adventures, played with perfect clarity and crisp sound quality through a 12-channel Sony Audio system.
Panoramic Sunroof
Jetour T2's panoramic sunroof enhances your driving experience by flooding the cabin with natural light.
Ventilated Seats
Providing you a comfortable and refreshing driving experience by enhancing airflow and reducing heat buildup.
7 Drive Modes
Adapt to any terrain effortlessly with T2’s drive modes: Economy, Normal, Sport, Snow, Mud, Rock, X Smart Mode.
Multi-function Steering Wheel
Control meets luxury with the T2's leather-wrapped, multi-function steering wheel.
Wireless Phone Charging
Stay connected on the go with wireless phone charging, a feature designed for modern adventurers.